Inside Interlock CV Joint Boot Clamp
Product Description
YDS CV joint boot clamp is specific used in CV (Constant-Velocity) joint boot of universal automobiles. The multi position interlocks provide widely diameter ranges for different sizes of rubber. Clamps are available in small and large sizes. Clamps are made of AISI 430 stainless steel material. The tool for installing ear clamps can be used in this clamps. For further information or products details, please feel free to contact us.

Product Description

AISI 430 Stainless Steel

LengthThickness * Width
160 0.5 * 6.4 mm
425 0.6 * 8.0 mm




SIZEClamping Range (Size, Diameter)Band ThicknessBand WidthBand LengthPart Number
(mm)(inch)(mm)(inch)(mm)(inch)430 Stainless Steel
160 27 45 1.06 1.77 0.5 0.020 6.4 0.252 160 6.30 47325-60160
425 38 115 1.50 4.52 0.6 0.024 8.0 0.315 425 16.73 47326-80425


YDS CV joint boot clamps are available in bulk packaging, polybag packaging, and customer designed packaging.

  • * NO logo and brand on our regular boxes
  • * We can provide customer barcode and private label for blister card packaging
  • * Customer designed packaging are available on request

Bulk packaging: 4000 clamps per carton for small sizes, 1000 clamps per carton for large sizes.

Polybag packaging: each set polybags packaging are available in 100 clamps or customer packaging.


We also provide the pliers (PN: 80013-00) for helping your work easily.

  • * One pliers tool for ear clamps, adjustable ear clamps, CV joint boot clamps