Bridge Hose Clamps
Product Description
YDS bridge hose clamps are easily and quickly installed without tools. They are special designed for woodwork and dust collected pipes. For further information or products details, please feel free to contact us.

Product Description

  • In accordance with the RoHS & REACH standard.
  • The bridge structure is designed for crossing the wire of corrugated pipes.
  • The smooth non-perforated band and flared edge band prevent hoses from cutting and fraying during installation.
  • Butterfly handle and Hex. head screw are available.
  • Band width: 9 mm



"evereon Part No.Material TypeBANDHOUSINGSCREWHANDLE
19027- series W2 (430 S.S.) AISI 430 Stainless Steel AISI 430 Stainless Steel Plated Carbon Steel POM

Tightening Torque

The recommended installation torque is 3.0 Nm (26 in-lbs).


Wood Working

Clamping Range (Size, Diameter)Part Number
Min.Max.Min.Max.Left HandRight Hand
9 mm 51 70 2 2-3/4 19027-09070L 19027-09070R
101 120 4 4-3/4 19027-09120L 19027-09120R


YDS bridge hose clamps are available in bulk packaging, polybag packaging and customer designed packaging.

  • * NO logo and brand on our regular boxes
  • * We can provide customer barcode and private label for blister card packaging
  • * Customer designed packaging are available on request

Bulk packaging: 50 clamps per box for all sizes, then shipped in cartons.

Polybag packaging: each set polybags packaging are available in 5 clamps, or customer packaging.