Product Description
YDS also provide the specific tools for helping your work easily. For further information or products details, please feel free to contact us.

YDS Nut Driver

  • YDS nut driver is the best and suitable tool for you to install worm gear and worm drive hose clamps easily.


  • Length for the nut driver is 28cm (11 inch)
  • Material: PP handle + Carbon steel shaft with coating
  • Flexible shaft provide 90° curved work
  • The 7mm socket fits the embossed worm gear hose clamps
  • The 5/16" socket fits the worm driver and high torque hose clamps
  • Part Number: 80011-07 for 7mm socket, 80011-08 for 5/16" socket

YDS Pliers

  • YDS pliers can install all ear clamps, adjustable ear clamps and CV joint boot clamps with interlock sizes.


  • Length for the pliers is 23cm (9 inch)
  • Material: Carbon steel with coating and PVC grip
  • Part Number: 80013-00

YDS Free End Clamp Tool

  • YDS free end clamp tool is the specific tool for installing free end clamps by tightening, bending the band reversely, and cutting the surplus band.


  • Length for the tool is 20.5cm (8 inch)
  • Material: Carbon steel with coating and PVC grip
  • Part Number: 80012-00

1. Installing the clamps on the CV joint boot.

2. Putting the band into the tool and through the slot of shaft.

3. Rotating the shaft for tightening.

4. Pressing the holder down to lock the shaft.

5. Fixing clamp by bending band reversely.

6. Cutting the surplus band.

7. Hammering the ear for fastening band, then installation finished.